Professional Shears come with a variety of options that serve multiple functions for hair stylists, barbers, and pet grooming professionals.  Consider yourself an artist when choosing the right professional Shears for your hair dressing and grooming needs.  An artist painting a canvas will use different brushes to create a beautiful masterpiece like wise you will need an assortment of tools to create your art. If you are new to all of this it can be overwhelming understanding what you need and why you need it. We can help you to gain priceless knowledge we have gained with over 20 years in the industry. 


 On average Professional Stylists will have 6 or more shears on hand for daily use?

1.     Main Go-To: Your go-to shears are typically smaller for precision 5”-6” inches in length 

2.    Blending (Thinner): Great for blending and removing lines these shears can vary from 27 to 40 Teeth 

3.    Texturizer (Chunker): Create Volume and remove weight these shears can vary from 7 to 24 teeth

4.   Long Shear: Are 6”-8” inches and used for specialized cutting techniques

5.    Narrow or Ball Tip Blades: Designed for intricate detail work typically 5”-5.5” long

6.    Back Up Shears: Are must haves when your main shears are being serviced. Don't forget to get these serviced while you are using your main sets.


When it comes to shears one size does not fit all. In order to choose the correct size, you will need to know how shears are measured. Knowing these measurement points are crucial when shopping difference makes and manufactures from around the world. In the USA and Asia the length measurement points start from the tip of the blade and finish at the edge of the finger hole that is along the same side of the blade as shown below.

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